Things Are Heating Up

Weekend #2 of the Sundown Heaven Town tour hit Phoenix, Chula Vista, and Irvine. Phoenix hit a brisk 103° F on Thursday but didn't stop the crowd from getting into the set - quite the opposite! The heat had everyone in full party mode. 

Last year, we came through Chula Vista with Rascal Flatts and couldn't wait to come back. It cooled down a bit from Phoenix, was beautiful out and I did some hiking nearby - great views! One of the added bonuses of Chula Vista's Sleep Train Ampitheater is the post-show taco truck. Oh man, are these things good! Being only a mile or so away from Mexico, these bad boys are the best tacos you'll ever eat. Mmmm... 

Last night was another beautiful night. Irvine was very welcoming, and seeing all the fans in the pit singing along to all the songs won't ever get old. Like most things, it's not always easy, but playing music with good people on a beautiful night - you can't ask for much more. It's in those moments that I appreciate being out here the most.

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