Fireworks & Fun

After we got back from Cancun (and immediately became submerged in post-vacation palm tree withdrawal), we had some great shows back on the Sundown Heaven Town tour hitting Virginia Beach, Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh.

We also finally got to play our full set in Kansas City! Last fall, we were scheduled to play in Kansas City but both Steve and Cass got sick, and we had to cancel (that's also why I stay away from oysters..  Eww). It was worth the wait though because we had a really great show - the crowd was going crazy, had some good grub and a good hang afterwards. 

After KC, we hit Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati. We played Chicago last year with Rascal Flatts and visited the nearby amusement park, affectionately referred to as "Fun World". Jim McGorman may have gotten the best of me on the go kart track last year, however, this year I left him in the dust and it was Mr. Fekete and I who were battling for the lead. Extreme amounts of fun were had!


3 of us on team Cassadee have July birthdays. Today (7/10), is Mr. James McGorman III's big day - Happy birthday, Jim! This past Monday (7/7), was back line tech extraordinaire Mr. Steve Simon's birthday - Happy birthday buddy! Last Friday (7/4), was my, and America's, birthday. I had some great time BBQing with a lot of friends and family, having drinks and laughs - priceless!

We are now on our way down to West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Atlanta this weekend. We are looking forward to Cass' hometown show and some birthday celebrations!  

More soon... 




Where The Heart Is

After our show at CRS in Nashville, I headed home to the tri-state area to spend some quality time with family and friends. I got to see my mom on her birthday, visit my grandma, play some guitar with my dad and hang with some good friends that I haven't seen in a while. I am so incredibly lucky and thankful to have such an amazing support system made up of true friends and a loving family.

After some time at home, we flew out to Milwaukee, WI to play a show after a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game. Live hockey games are always fun and it was Cassadee's first hockey game ever. We watched the game right up against the glass and Cassadee even got to ride the zamboni! The show itself was a blast too - so many people singing along and still pumped up from the Admirals win. 

A couple days later, I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by going to support Cassadee in Nashville while she did an acoustic set, and the very next day at The Grand Ole Opry. We were all celebrating an awesome Opry performance as well as "Wasting All These Tears" hitting the platinum mark - congrats Cassadee!! Don't forget to check out her new single "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart". This is one of my favorites and I know it's going to be a hit as well :)

Next week we get back on the bus for shows in Columbus, OH, Clarion, PA and Shippensburg, PA. More soon...