Sundown Heaven Town Wrap Up

The last show of the Sundown Heaven Town tour was Saturday in Houston, Texas. It seems like it came and went so fast! We had some great times, made new friends, and explored some awesome new places. 

The last part of the tour brought us through Montana, Washington, British Columbia, Arkansas and, the hottest of them all, Texas. Montana was beautiful - Steve and I did some hiking near the venue and it was toasty. Luckily the show was indoors and in the AC. The indoor shows are always nice because, unlike outdoor or early festival shows, the lights and overall atmosphere make such a difference to the concert experience for both us and the audience alike. 

While outdoor shows can be a challenge, there are always exceptions - the shows that stay with you, give you chills, and make every challenge worth it. The Watershed Festival at The Gorge in Washington was one of these shows. The stage is next to the Columbia River over looking the Columbia Gorge canyon. This has got to be the most beautiful venue in the country, hands down. I'm not going to bother trying to describe it but check out some pictures below. On top of the surreal views, everyone's sound was amazing and the crowd was second to none. 

Every moment of the Sundown Heaven Town tour was incredible. Being out with three talented and down to earth artists, with killer bands, on one of the biggest country tours this year was nothing short of an honor. Infinite thanks goes out to everyone who made it run like a well-oiled machine - everyone on the crew, the artists - I am forever grateful to have shared such an amazing time with all of you! 

It doesn't feel like the tour is over yet because we still have some dates coming up with Kip and/or Tim on the bill. Next one is in South Dakota with Kip - good times! More soon...